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Do This Every Day for a Long and Happy Marriage

The Path to Bliss: A Collection of Moments

As we grow older, love isn't just about trying it out or chasing fleeting moments of romance; it becomes a quest for someone to share a beautiful future with. Today, I want to share a key to ensuring lasting love—something simple yet challenging: "Gratitude."

This seemingly straightforward concept is a challenge for many. Specifically, it involves cultivating a habit of expressing gratitude to each other every day in your married life, using positive attitudes and words. It's crucial that this gratitude comes from both sides and becomes an integral part of your daily life.

Why does consistent and heartfelt gratitude from both partners ensure a lasting relationship?

Firstly, there's a common misunderstanding: that two people in love will automatically be happy together forever. This is a significant misconception; in reality, it's not always the case. Love isn't just about bringing happiness and joy; it can also bring pain and sadness. The purpose of the challenges in love is to help you see the parts of yourself, deep within your subconscious, that unmet needs.

However, the problem arises when most people struggle to understand their subconscious and can't interpret or alleviate the resulting pain. In such cases, the brain tends to focus on negative aspects of the partner's behavior, differences in values or personalities, and mistakes made by the partner. This negative focus accumulates pain over time and can lead to separation for various reasons. If not separation, the pain of being together may outweigh the happiness.

Establishing a daily habit of expressing mutual gratitude helps shift the focus away from the subconscious negativity. It guides you towards a path of happiness instead of a journey filled with pain.

I sincerely hope that you can consistently apply this simple yet highly effective method, ensuring that your marriage is filled with enduring happiness and shared moments of beauty throughout your lives.

Recommendation for Reading

Jessica Ao (2023). Understanding Love on The Subconscious Level: Decoding Behavior to Find Your Perfect Partner. Beyond Ego.


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