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​146 Ways Hypnotherapy
Might Help You

Hypnotherapy is a proven method to tap into the emotional brain, and help you control stress, emotions, temper, anxiety, etc.



A relationship is mainly about building connections with each other. However, in most cases, that connections will be weaker and weaker after the honeymoon stage.
Therefore, learning to re-build or strengthen the connections is vital for a happy relationship. 
We would teach the relationship technique and strategies, as well as using hypnotherapy for healing the wounds, to help couples building the harmonious model of both parties and manage long-term happiness efficiently.

Relationship Goals

Lose Weight Forever

Over the past ten years, more and more studies have shown that the success rate of dieting to lose weight is only less than 5%.

Even if you successfully lose weight after dieting, it will rebound. Sometimes, people gain more weight than before. 
Calories and exercise are not the keys to losing and maintaining a healthy weight.
We use hypnosis and other methods to help you lose weight in a holistic way, because being overweight is not just a physical problem, it is also a mental and emotional problem.

Weight Loss

Choric Pain

America's most famous back pain doctor, Dr. John Sarno, whose program has helped thousands upon thousands of people overcome their back conditions, without drugs or dangerous surgery.
Because most of the cases are not entirely physical problems, but the connection between the brain and pain, rooted in the soul and emotions.

​Hypnosis can effectively improve chronic pain by adjusting the connection between pain and the brain through the subconscious mind, helping you to regain a happy and healthy life!

Back Pain


Addictive behavior is a habitual pattern.
The subconscious mind governs most of our habits. 
Hypnotherapy is a modality that taps into the subconscious state helps people change that addictive response and pattern to drugs, tobacco, sweets, etc.

E cig

​Pre and Pro Surgery

Studies show that using hypnosis as an aid before and after surgery has increased the surgery success rate by 30%, and the recovery time has also significantly accelerated!

Hospital Corridor


Buteyko method is a proven and famous method for asthma. 
Dr. Buteyko had helped hundreds of thousands of people treat asthma in a natural way.
For a better result, we combined hypnosis and Buteyko breathing method to help you improve your breathing problems as well as your breathing habits. 



Neuroscience research indicates that sleeping pills can help people increase sleep time by 20-25 minutes on average.

Sleep is vital and natural. However, the modern lifestyle, such as lighting, makes people establish habits that affect sleep significantly. 

Hypnosis is a demonstrated method to restore natural sleep patterns and help you to change your sleep habit!

Woman Sleeping
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