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​Rewire Your Love Brain and Behavior!

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  • Re-kindle the love between you and your partner.

  • Stop fighting and stop hurting each other consciously and unconsciously.

  • Communicated on a soul level. 

  • Understand each other on a deeper level. 

  • Redefine your understanding of the relationship. 

  • Understand how a relationship can help you master all your categories of life.

  • Learn how to enhance intimacy level.

  • Get to the same page on life vision with each other.  

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Subconscious Communication​

Outlook on Life​


Intimacy Level

Subconscious Communication

You might think you understand your loved one, but the truth is, you don't. 
Most problems between a couple are rooted in misunderstanding.

Whether you know each other for only a week or over a decade, it is easy to misunderstand the concept of "communication".
When you talk to your partner doesn't mean both of you are communicating. 
Without building connections through communications, hurts and problems will accumulate day after day without your acknowledgment. 
Our program will coach you and your loved one on how to interact and communicate with each other on a deeper level, so that you can truly understand your partner, instead of falling into a false illusion that leads you to hurt each other.

Rewire Your Emotional Brain

We habiturally react rather than response.
Couples easily regret for their negative emotions burst out, such as 
"I regret every time I quarrel", "I don't understand why we quarrel over just a tiny little thing", and so on.
Our coaching will help you re-trained your emotional brain to response instead of react in a way you remorse.

Align Your Outlook on Life

If you and your significant others have the same outlook-on-life, you two won't hit on each other in the first place.
The arguments of having difference outlook-on-life, usually are the symptom of the problems, not the root cause.
Our program will lead you learning how to understand the root cause of the problem. At the same time, by aligning the perspectives of two people, you will understand each other deeply with mutual respect.

Intimacy Enhancement

Our society gives out too many taboos on sexual relationships.
A healthy intimate relationship is essential to building a long-lasting relationship. 
The deep connections in intimacy can bond two people on a deeper level. Without the bonding, a couple will gradually drift each other apart.  
Our program will not only rock your world on sex knowledge, but we will also teach you how to improve intimacy and sexual relationship in an effective way.

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  • Apply an easy-to-use method.

  • Brain-based coaching. 

  • Subconscious behavior coaching. 

  • Therapeutic method to overcome hurts and emotions. 

  • Target on uplifting your life.

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We provide free online consultation for one hour so that you can evaluate whether the coaching is suitable for you.

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We provide virtual service!

Let's connect wherever you are!

Working Together
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Three months program

  • Two(2) hours to evaluate your target, challenge, and obstacle in your relationship. 

  • Five(5) to six(6) hours for the first session in the first month.

  • Four(4) hours for the second session in the second month. 

  • Four(4) hours for the third session in the third month.

  • Sixteen(16) hours in total for coaching; prectice time will vary according to your situations. 

Online payment for shopping on e-commerce platforms
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  • Your investment in the Relationship Transformational Program is HKD 8,400 or USD 1,100.

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Whatsapp: +886-933143821

LINE ID: jessicaao

Wechat: WinTheMindGame​

SMS: +852-40671917

​Address: Rm. 701, United Building, No.17-19 Jubilee Street, Central, Hong Kong

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