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What is the coaching program
Boosting communication skills can transform you to a new level in all aspects. 

You might know communication skills are one of the most important skills in the 21st century.
You might also notice, communication problems are everywhere! 

People often asked or are confused such as: 

​- I don't know why people can't understand the main point of my speech.
- My boss often tells me: "You need to communicate well with your colleagues." But, I have already communicated, what else do I need to communicate?​
- Don't know how to convince people for increasing sales performance.  
- Always being nervous in a social situation. 
​- So hard to communicate with the loved one. 
- Don't know how to make my mother-in-law like me.
and more...

One of the biggest misunderstandings in communication is: what you express is equal to what people get. But it's not.

Communication is an interactive process between people, and talking is only a part of this interactive process; the reason you don't get the result you want is that you didn't know how to complete the interaction process in an ideal way.

In other words, achieving the desired results through communication requires mastering all elements of the interaction process.

Everyone is unique. Our coaching customized to your needs and goals, holistically helps you transform your communication skill so that you can change to a new level and have the better result you desire.
What will i learn
Speaker with Hands Raised

Non-verbal communicaion

Communication unfolds from the inside out. Enhancing inner emotions, the level of confidence, body movements, body posture, and so on, will greatly change the result of communication. 

Business People Having Fun

Read and understand people quickly

​The same words can be interpreted differently by different people. Quickly reading and understanding people will create results significant. 

People Gathering in a Meeting Together


Your words do matter. Use a proper expression for ideal result. 

Communicating with Sign Languages
best fit for you
  • The holistic and brain-based approach you cannot find somewhere else.

  • Personalized coaching one-on-one;

  • Customized content to meet your personal needs. 

  • We concern about your results.

what problem can be solved

​Communication problems vary, so we customized what you need. 

Generally, the area you can improve including: 

- Interpersonal relationships in the workplace

- Sales performance

- Persuasion ability

- Smooth the conflict with your partner and family members.

Graphic Spiral



  • Applicable to those who already have a certain knowledge of brain-based communication. 

  • High flexibility. ​

  • Tackle ad hoc or temporary communication issues.



  • Systematic coaching for 12 sessions. 

  • Goal-oriented to meet the target in six months.

  • Best fit for those who want to deal with communication problems that last for a while. 

  • ​The price is lower. 

A presentation at the office
  • We provide a 20-30 minutes consultation at no charge, for you to dig deeper into how can we help you to make a difference, and how can we optimize the outcome based on your needs.

  • Simply fill out a form to make an online appointment with us. 

Holistic Coaching Program
  • We provide virtual service!

  • Let's connect wherever you are!

  • Language options included Cantonese, English, and Mandarin.

Online Class
Online payment for shopping on e-commerce platforms
  • We only charge what we listed. 

  • Click the below button for pricing details. 


As a professional salesperson and communication expert with over 20 years of professional experience, I have to say: this is the best course on the subject of unconscious communication. 


What our client say
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