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Named after Dr Konstantin Buteyko, the Buteyko Method consists of a series of breathing exercises and guidelines specifically designed to reduce over-breathing (clinically known as ‘chronic hyperventilation’).

What Conditions can Buteyko Method help with?

Studies have shown that Buteyko breathing exercises can be used successfully across a range of health problems including:

How Does It Work?​

The Buteyko Method aims to normalize breathing to ensure the correct balance of respiratory chemistry.
The exercises restore functional breathing, optimize oxygen uptake and improve respiratory muscle function. Poor breathing is responsible for a surprising number of common symptoms.
The Buteyko Method gently re-trains this natural function, restoring harmony throughout the body’s systems.

Why Choose The Buteyko Method?

The Buteyko Method is one of the few techniques that has been examined and found to be effective in independent clinical trials.

The first of these trials was undertaken in 1995; more than 20 years before many other methods appeared.
The coaching is the focus is on breathing re-education and its long-term health benefits.

What Are Breathing Exercises?

“Dr. Buteyko saw that sick people breathe hard. He asked, is the sickness causing the hard breathing, or the hard breathing causing the sickness?

People are often told to take deep, full, big breaths in the belief that this will increase oxygen delivery to the tissues. If we look at the science, it doesn’t work that way. If you take big breaths that increase the volume of air beyond what it should be, you get rid of too much carbon dioxide.

Due to the Bohr Effect (first described by the Danish biochemist Christian Bohr in 1904) this causes red blood cells to actually hold on to oxygen instead of releasing it. By practicing the Buteyko breathing technique and developing subtle, soft, slow, light breathing while also maintaining diaphragmatic, nasal breathing, you’re increasing oxygen delivery to the cells. This is where it’s going to transform health.”
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