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Deciphering the Path to Chronic Wellness: Concepts for True Healing

Jessica Ao, 17-April, 2024

In the previous article "Beyond the White Coat: Understanding How Doctor Reliance May Undermine Your Health", we discussed that the medical industry has been monopolized for over a century. Most medical research is funded by pharmaceutical companies, often resulting in studies that favor medication or outcomes that benefit certain interests. As a result, much of the research and information circulating online has a specific agenda.

Today, I will share how to identify health information that can truly aid in your healing. However, please note that my discussion is about chronic illnesses and does not include emergencies. For instance, if someone faints on the street or is bleeding, the information in this article would not apply.

Understanding the Foundation Concept of True Healing

Understanding that true health originates from the normal functioning of trillions of cells within the body is the key to healing all ailments. Remedies or foods that can truly heal diseases must be able to enhance cellular functions, allowing cells to combat various pathogens. The cells in our body have the capacity to deal with various diseases and issues; what is needed is to provide the body with the correct resources to support this process.

Healing Power Originates From The Tens of Trillions of Cells Within Your Own Body.

Why can't most chemical medicine truly help people heal or cure various diseases?

Firstly, while medicines appear to strengthen cells, they actually weaken them. It is a natural substances that truly enhance cellular functions holistically. Secondly, many medicines are designed to achieve their effect by handling pathogens rather than strengthening the cells to fight alongside the body against these pathogens.

These medicines are actually weakening the body's immune functions. Although this weakening is very gradual and often goes unnoticed due to being wrapped in scientific theories, the body is gradually being undermined.

You might say that medication does indeed have cure effects! These effects are usually temporary because they are actually produced by the body using other resources to compensate, not by the medication itself.

Therefore, while taking medication after falling ill seems to have a therapeutic effect, it is actually depleting the body's resources to handle emergencies. Also, because the medication is just an illusion of treating the disease, the illness often recurs. Over time, other parts of the body may also develop problems.

In reverse, as long as your disease issues are recurring, you are not on the path to healing but are getting weaker. Which means the information you get and apply is not right.

If Your Disease Issues Are Recurring, You Are Not On The Path To Healing.

Therefore, keep in mind that all healing power originates from the tens of trillions of cells within your own body. What you need to do is to assist these cells in performing their functions. The most effective mediators of cellular function are natural elements.

If someone tells you that your illness is caused by genetics, or your cells are attacking themselves, or you need to take medication for a long time, or you're bound to have issues as you age, etc., these statements indicate that they do not know how to strengthen cells to facilitate healing. Therefore, suggesting you be careful of all this information.

Take cancer as an example to help you understand this concept better. The medical industry standardizes that doctors can only use chemotherapy, radiation, medication, and surgery to treat cancer. These methods aim to poison, burn, or cut out cancer cells. Despite requiring high-end equipment and experienced surgeons, the success rate of these treatments is only 2-3%. Doctors often claim high recovery rates, even up to 50% or 80%, but in reality, the true healing rate is only 2-3%, and this small percentage does not mean the patient remains in a continuously healthy state.

Why is the success rate of mainstream cancer treatments so low? Because these methods do not work by strengthening the body's cells to heal themselves. The principles of chemotherapy and radiation are to directly deal with the pathogens, not to empower the body and cells to heal on their own, as a result, it failed to create real healing. I will share more information of cancer healing in future articles.

More ironically, doctors do not even know the root cause of cancer. They only know that cancer cells appear and seek ways to kill them. However, the general public naively believes that doctors know the root cause of cancer, leading many to spend their life savings seeking treatment. You know what, truly effective healing methods should not cost so much money.

Always keep in mind that the true source of healing resides within your own body. Seek out information that resonates with this fundamental truth, as it can serve as a catalyst for your healing journey, and vice versa. The healing I refer to transcends mere improvement or fleeting relief; it encompasses the attainment of enduring well-being, free from complications, and marked by a vibrant and vital life.

Whole-Body Wellness: The Holistic Healing Approach

Another crucial aspect of the healing journey is recognizing that both our well-being and the development of chronic illnesses are influenced by a multitude of factors. These encompass elements such as our dietary habits, levels of stress, emotional well-being, past traumas, physical activity, and the environmental conditions we inhabit.

While it's impossible to delve into every factor extensively within the scope of this blog, I will predominantly delve into dietary strategies for healing. Occasionally, I may also address emotional well-being, stress management, and psychological healing, though the emphasis will primarily be on diet due to the prevalent misinformation surrounding this topic.

So, remember that to attain optimal health, To attain optimal health, a holistic approach to self-care is imperative.

A Game-Changer in the World of Chronic Diseases

When it comes to understanding chronic diseases, there's one name that stands out: Medical Medium Anthony William. His insights can unlock the real causes behind hundreds of chronic ailments.

Around eight years back, I stumbled upon his debut book, and let me tell you, I'm an avid reader, but rarely do I come across a book that I just can't put down. His revelations were mind-blowing, addressing health queries that seemed elusive amidst the sea of information out there.

I was so intrigued that I wanted to book a health consultation with him in the US. But, to my dismay, I discovered he was no longer taking one-on-one appointments due to the overwhelming demand. However, he continues to share his wisdom through his books, which I've made sure to collect over the years.

His insights are not just valuable; he is a game-changer. Even Hollywood stars and a growing number of US doctors rely on his teachings for themselves and their patients. My own family and I have followed his advice and witnessed remarkable improvements in our well-being.

Antony William's Insights Are Not Just Valuable; He Is A Game-changer.

For more nuggets of wisdom, I recommend checking out Anthony William's website and social media channels. However, it's worth noting that while he hasn't delved into cancer extensively, his dietary and detox methods essentially act as treatments for various types of cancer. How do I know? Well, the medical community has long been aware of natural, safe ways to treat cancer, focusing on fruits, veggies, and lifestyle changes. Sadly, these methods aren't widely known because they can't be patented and turned into big bucks like chemo or surgery.

But Anthony William's techniques go even further. While he hasn't explicitly discussed cancer, following his guidance diligently for six months to two years can lead to significant healing. So, if you're ready to take charge of your health, dive into his teachings and witness the transformation firsthand.

Disclaimer: The content provided in this article is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider regarding any medical condition. The author is not a licensed healthcare professional, and reliance on the information provided is at your own risk. Consult a healthcare professional before making any significant changes to your lifestyle or treatment plan.


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