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A Guy Changed After He Successfully Pursued You


Love's journey often unfolds as a complex and subtle expedition into the realms of subconscious emotions. Initiating a pursuit, the gestures of a warm and affectionate lover create an atmosphere saturated with love. However, once the chase concludes successfully, there emerges a perplexing shift from passionate devotion to a seemingly indifferent demeanor.

The Dilemma of Love Disparity

In the pursuit of love, individuals display meticulous care, from constant companionship to thoughtful gestures, creating an enchanting experience. Yet, once the certainty of love is established, an entirely different scenario can emerge. Work becomes a convenient excuse, time becomes increasingly elusive, and responses to calls and messages lose their promptness. This significant gap challenges adaptability and raises questions about the authenticity of prior actions.

Subconscious Behaviors

During the pursuit of love, the warm gestures displayed are not a facade but a natural response stemming from the subconscious mind's innate reaction to the pressures of finding a mate. During this phase, the other person is viewed as the most important and urgent priority, resulting in genuine actions driven by a subconscious desire to impress. These actions are not a pretense, but authentic expressions born out of the compelling force of love.

The Cause of Discrepancy

However, once love is confirmed, the subconscious focus undergoes a shift from pursuing the other person to the demands of work. This shift leads to a behavioral discrepancy, making the previous warmth and care seem distant. The realignment of focus in the subconscious creates a period of emotional detachment and aloofness.


The behaviors of love reveal both the authenticity and purity of emotions and the potential transformations that may occur post-love confirmation. Understanding this shift requires acknowledging the sincerity during the pursuit and comprehending how individuals may grapple with other life priorities post-confirmation. Through understanding and communication, we can better uphold the truth and balance within the intricate dance of love.

Recommendation for Reading

Jessica Ao (2023). Understanding Love on The Subconscious Level: Decoding Behavior to Find Your Perfect Partner. Beyond Ego.



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