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Jessica Ao_Emotion Management

Master your emotions or they will master you!

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Jessica Ao_What is the coahing all about

You don't need drugs or pills for emotional issues!

Emotional problems are about your brain, your heart, and your whole body out of a harmonious state. In other words, it's internal issues rather than external issues.

Our coaching program will train your brain, redirect your throughs and beliefs, deal with the root causes of the problems, such as anxiety, depression, panic attack, stress, bad temper, moodiness, and so on, by applying natural, safe, and effective ways to help you to get your control back, experience more and more happiness and excitement of life!

Jessica Ao_Why choose us
  • Tuning the brain's emotional circuits.

  • Rebuilt the thinking circuit that creates the problem.

  • Behavior oriented.

  • Breakthrough the inefficiency of traditional psychotherapy.

  • Deal with problems naturally and safely. 

  • No side effects

  • Teach lots of the latest scientific breakthrough research, and help you manage your emotions more easily and effectively!

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Jessica Ao_How do i know it is for me

We provide free consultation for 20 minutes so that you can evaluate whether the coaching is suitable for you.

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Jessica Ao_Holistic Coaching Program

We provide virtual service!

Let's connect wherever you are!

Jessica Ao_how long
  • 1 hour per session. 

  • 1 time per week (depending on different situations)

  • 10 sessions is a cycle.

  • After completing a cycle, we will have an evaluation.

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Fill this Form

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