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Reform Your Communication Skills with Brain-based Coaching

Holistic and Brain-based Approach for Effective Results

  • How to be credible and charismatic in social and business situations?

  • How to lead and motivate others more efficiently?

  • How to increase sales? 

  • How to handle the good, the bad, and the bummers?

  • What to do if people don't understand your point?

  • How to deepen the relationships you already have?

Everyone knows how to have a conversation. However, the conversation doesn't equal communication.

Most people lack the proper communication skills to build relationships in the workplace and even create negative interactions with bosses, co-workers, and clients without acknowledgment. That's why you need us!

This program is designed with scientific principles. We illustrate how the brain works, how interacts with others effectively, and how to regulate emotion in any situation with brain knowledge. These skills are vital in the professional world as well as in your individual life. 

Our coaching not only conveys practical knowledge, such as speaking skills, how to apply body language, how to train the tone of voice, how to read people deeply, how to increase charisma, and how the brain works for talking, but we also combine lots of exercises and real cases study, targeting to enhance your communication skills significantly.

In a Meeting

What You Will Learn ?

  • Why do you need brain-based communication in the workplace?

  • How to lead to a new level?

  • How to apply body language for an ideal result?

  • What are the key elements of the communication process, and how to put attention to the right thing?

  • How to read and understand people quickly for better interaction?

  • How to speak more convincingly?

  • How to have a better voice to improve the communication outcome?​

  • How to boost self-confidence in any interaction?

  • How to motivate others?

  • How to influence others in the workplace?

    and so much more.

What difference can be made?

Brain-based communication can create multiple positive effects on human interaction. Relatively, ineffective communication will easily create unsatisfactory results.

Our brain-based training will assist you to improve effectiveness in the workplace for the following skills enhancement: 

1. Interpersonal skills
2. Influence Level
3. Persuasion
4. Sales
5. Leadership
and more.

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Interpersonal skills

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Icon Web_leader

Sales performance and persuasion


Why Us?

Brain-based Coaching

Understanding how the brain works in an interaction will help you more easily to get the result you desire.

  • The format can be virtual, in-person, or hybrid. Let us know what fit you the best. 

  • Language options included Cantonese, English, and Mandarin.

how long
  • The training period is customized to the needs of the organization.

  • It is recommended to arrange 8 to 24 hours to achieve a certain result. ​

  • Training can be arranged on weekdays or holidays.

A presentation at the office
  • We provide consultation at no charge, for you to dig deeper into how can we help you to make a difference, and how can we optimize the outcome based on your needs.

  • Simply fill out a form to make an online appointment with us. 

Testimonial 9

As a professional salesperson and communication expert with over 20 years of professional experience, I have to say: this is the best course on the subject of unconscious communication. 


What our client say

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